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Using e-commerce solutions designed for your needs, we make it easy for you to set up shop and start selling online! We provide you with world class designs, payment gateways set up, merchant processing, accounting logistics, and more.

Web Development

The back-end of the website, the programming and interactions on the pages. Web development focuses on how a site works and how the customers get things done on it.

Web Design

We create web sites, newsletters, and social media designs that turn heads. Our goal is to deliver web designs that take our clients ideas to whole new heights.


Business cards, logos, packaging, advertisements; we do it all! Our favorite part of the job is seeing our clients' businesses take off after they've had a brand makeover.

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  • El Dorado Cocktail Lounge Website
  • El Dorado Cocktail Lounge Flyers
  • El Dorado Cocktail Lounge Flyers, Illustrations

EL DORADO COCKTAIL LOUNGE - Full Website and Branding


There are very few clients who need to be on the cutting edge of design as music venues. There are also even fewer clients who need to get these designs on under 2-3 hour deadlines and require constant changes to their artwork and website as a cocktail lounge that doubles as a music venue. El Dorado has become a San Diego institution and having worked with them since their grand opening in 2008, we have worked hard to develop a brand standard that is equalled by none in San Diego Music and Nightlife. The El Dorado brand has to at once; be tasteful yet witty, be bold yet subtle, be consistent yet constantly evolving. Having done 1000+ of projects for El Dorado, we are confident that there is not another branding agency in San Diego that could handle their high standard for creativity and artwork while meeting their short deadlines. It is never easy, but it is always fun.

El Dorado's first website exhibited a rustic saloon feel that really brought to life the old west vibe of the place. The bar itself is adorned with a majestic white buffalo sitting watch over the venue and old wooden bar tops. The 2008 site was built in HTML and was done on a strict budget. El Dorado was just a mere start up at the time and money was so tight you could smell the desperation on the Stanton Brother (owners of El Dorado). However, the brothers understood the value of a quality branding and we were able to come up with creative inexpensive solutions for their various needs; RSVP forms, ticket purchase links, easy to update menus, and more.

In 2012, it was time to revisit the El Dorado website and bring it into the social media era. Their new site has been the envy of many a venue's eye. Working closely with the client we built a site that reflects the rustic nature of the old saloon, while bringing the edge and hipness of a modern business. After all, El Dorado is hipster Mecca in San Diego, so anything that came across as cliche or too mainstream would have been immediately scorned by their followers. El Dorado's website opened to rave reviews and using the popular open source CMS, Wordpress, the venue managers are able to constantly update site content and post events and specials without harming the integrity of the sites artwork and style.

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  • platinum logo
  • platinumLED Mobile ready E-Commerce website
  • PlatinumLED Merchandise Design and Box Design for E-Commerce Products
  • PlatinumLED Merchandise Design and Box Design for E-Commerce Products
  • PlatinumLED Advertisement Design for E-Commerce Products


Go Green. Go LED

Platinum LED US inc came to us desperate for a brand make over and in need of the most stunning website in the lighting business. As a small start up fighting against lighting giants the likes of Phillips, Cree, and GE, Platinum LED looked to position themselves as a fresh new company boasting a greener healthier life style. We helped them achieve their goal with a brand new head-turning e-commerce website where they could offer their patented products to the world and gain the attention of major retail stores like Costco, Soriana, and Coppel.

In addition to their glossy new site, Platinum LED came to us in need of new business cards and a new logo. They were looking to achieve that all elusive hip and edgy -- yet professional and clean look. With the logo we came up with, they were more than happy to share their new brand.

This Greener than ever company also brought us on to continually update their social media and develop an on going advertising campaign. The idea we are after with Platinum LED was 75% Lifestyle branding, 15% Boasting savings, and 10% fun and illustration. We developed some extraordinary art work and product mockups that helped them get into retail outlets and increase their brand awareness.

What we love about Platinum LED:
Sustainability and efficiency are two words that get thrown around our office often. We are all of that generation who believes it is our responsibility to make a difference. Whether or not Platinum LED becomes a lighting conglomerate, we are proud to say we did what we do best to help spread sustainable ideas and products. We love green ideas as much as we love our ritualistic lunch outings to Burger Lounge.

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  • Product Catalog used in E-Commerce Design
  • Reisa Logo for good E-Commerce Site
  • Reisa Advertisements for their E-Commerce Site
  • Reisa Logo for good E-Commerce Site and merchandise design


Get Hooked...

Reisa is one of those companies that you just knew would take off. They came to us in the early stages of their development in search of a logo. They were a couple of midwest good ol' boys who loved fly fishing and surfing. Their concept was simple enough; be the first fly fishing company to showcase something other than stuffy old guys in funny looking vests, expand to other outdoor gear and apparel, then take over the world. Since coming to us for "just a logo" back in 2012, we have been brought on as their sole advertising partner and had the honor of building both their 175 page catalog as well as a state-of-the-art contemporary e-commerce website

When it comes to print work, catalogs are about as big of a project as you can get. Putting together a 175 page catalog of over 3000 products does not come together without a harmonious partnership between client and designer. Our goal at FYC is to talk to you, to learn from you, and get to know your company so that you walk away with a product that you had never imagined was possible. Communication and chemistry are important in any relationship, and are proud to say we achieved this with Reisa. Their catalog while beastly in size, was elegant and triumphant. Oh, and did we mention that it is future proof. Built with the idea of quickly being able to add and delete products on a whim, Reisa will be using that original design as a template for years.

Reisaflyfish.com absolutely blows away it's competitors. While most fly fishing companies sport the typical browns, greens, and other dull earth tones, Reisa wanted to shake things up a bit and bring a much more contemporary look to the fly fishing industry. Their website, built on the award winning Magento platform contains, over 3,000 products, is mobile ready, optimized for easy navigation, and prime search engine results. This is the Cadillac of websites. It is as fancy on the back end as it is on the front end. We developed custom magento extensions to fulfill every unique specific client need. While the problems we tackled were complicated, we came up with elegant solutions that were effective and sustainable; making sure not bloat the already massive site. Being built on the Magento platform, this website is as powerful as it is beautiful. Several customized excel documents were developed in order to accommodate many product attributes while cutting down on the pain staking time it takes to enter product information. Simply, fill out a straightforward spreadsheet with SKU, size, and custom options; then watch our customized automated processes populate your site with stunning products displays and well organized catalogs.

What we love about Reisa:
We made it easy for this company see their ideas come to fruition and developed a life long friendship with a client who shares our love for getting outdoors and enjoying nature. This company will be rivaling REI, Patagonia, and Cabelas in no time. We are proud to be a part of that and that's what we love about Reisa.

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  • E-commerce Website


Om Nom Nom...

It was time for us to cross the border for this project. Imperial Pasteleria was a particularly cool client to work with. Their business concept was about as fun as it gets; a personalized cake delivery service. Imperial was looking for a site that would allow their customers to purchase cakes for delivery and customize them with messages and ornaments. In addition, Imperial Pasteleria asked us to make fun business cards, graphics, logos, and to create a social media package for them so that they could promote their products. What we came up with was a fun brand that showcased their delicious products. This partnership was a great success and we enjoyed every bite, I mean minute of it!

Oh and did we mention that this was an international client? We adapted all of the wordpress and woo-commerce back end to accommodate the spanish speaking client. In addition we translated the site into both english and spanish. FYC Labs knows no borders or language barriers.

What we love about Imperial Pasteleria:

Well, for starters all the free cake! Imperial's concept was fun to design and having native spanish speaking designers made the process smooth and easy. Great client with great "taste"… Literally they taste great. You gotta try these cakes.

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  • E-Commerce Solutions

Stanley Colors

Get Hooked...
Om Nom Nom...

The comics are brought to life by Pablo Stanley. He is a mexican artist based in San Diego, California showing the world see his talents. His humble mindset and fun personality have led Pablo to create the witty, inspiring, and crazy comics and characters raging over the web. StanleyColors.com was launched January 1st, 2012 and the ideas & fans haven't stopped flowing since then. Pablo is also the creative director and part owner of FYC Labs.

Pablo's comics are internationally known and boast around 45,000 page views per day. The illustrations are second to none and have been featured in the Huffington post under the heading "Best. Comic. Ever."… TWICE!

While we could go on and on about how great this client is to work with and how amazing the artwork is, but we would hate to just sit here and brag. Take a look and let's let the artwork speak for itself.

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  • Graphic Design, Web Design, Evolvexp

EVOLVEXP - Website and Full Branding Package

Consult... Create... Invite...Triumph

What started out as another simple logo has turned into yet another long term relationship with a great client with great ambitions. Evolexp started out as a simple event planning agency and has since turned into San Diego's premier venue and event management service. They have handled clients big and small and keep coming back to us to develop their creative for invites, newsletters, and much more.

One of our favorite parts of the job is to see how influential our design and artwork can be on our clients confidence in their business. When EXP came to us they were struggling with a name, mission statement, and brand conceptions. Through working closely together and some long coffee filled nights the EXP brand emerged and owner Lisa Kennedy found herself with a new sense of purpose and enthusiasm for her business. We understand that starting a new business is a massive undertaking and we love it when a client see's their new brand in action and it revives their entrepreneurial spirit.

The EXP logo had to meet three specific needs, 1. It had to be professional, 2. It had to be edgy, 3. It had to be bold. Lisa fell in love with this logo and when you visit her office it pretty much dominates every inch of the place. We were proud of ourselves ;)

We have received rave reviews for the EXP website. Building it on Wordpress has allowed the client to make quick and easy changes and keep their content up to date. They have been able to create RSVP pages and add some great plug-ins that help keep their brand on top in the Venue/Event management industry in a town that always seems to be ditching one trend for the next.


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Justin Fortier - Owner Operator of FYC Labs
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Adrian Garcia

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Specializes in: Flyer/Ad creation, Apparel Design, Wordpress, Logos, Hand Drawn Illustration, Vector Graphics, and spinning records with the utmost of ease.

Pablo Stanley

Creative Wizard

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Specializes in: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Mobile Ready & Responsive Website Designs, Internet Marketing Strategies & SEO, and skateboarding to work everyday

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